Pet Portraits

We have several wonderful pet portrait artists in Asheville and we have had a great time framing their work as well as our customer's pet art from near and far.  Recently,  Ashley White Jacobsen, of Asheville, answered a few questions about her artistic style, process and interest in painting pet portraits. Please take a few minutes to check out Ashley's website along with the other talented artists listed at the end of this post. 

Frugal Framer: Tell us a little about yourself and your art

Ashley:  My name is Ashley White Jacobsen, I also go by artist name Ashleyspirals. I was born and have lived most of my life in North Carolina. I am married, have a wonderful dog that we rescued from Brother Wolf and I am a new mom to an incredible little boy.

I have been making art most of my life. My mom often says one of the first things she placed in my hand was a crayon. I started focusing on painting animals in 2006 and selling my work online. In the recent progression of my work I have focused more on pet portraits, but I do take commissions for portraits of children. I also have had quite a few commissions for “eye portraits,” where I paint a single eye. It is important to me in both animal and human subjects to capture the emotion and personality in the eyes. I primarily paint the portraits using watercolor and gouache, and I also incorporate colored pencil into the finishing details of the work.

Frugal Framer: When did you begin to specialize in animal and pet portraits?

Ashley: I started to focus on pet portraits around 2014.

Frugal Framer: How do you capture the character of a family pet? Do you talk with the owner to understand the pet's personality?

Frugal Framer: When necessary I do ask questions about the pet’s personality, but often, if it is a good photograph the pet’s personality comes through. I often look at several photographs of the animal while painting.

Ashley: I see that you also paint portraits of people - what do you find challenging about people vs. pets?

Frugal Framer: Portraits of pets are equally challenging as people, capturing the authentic personality is important to me and people often have a hard time relaxing or “being themselves” in photographs. Also there is an innocence of spirit with pets and animals; this is why I like painting children also, the beautiful spirit of young people.

Jack Lindsay is a pastel artist who spent his career in business, textile design and theatrical scenic design prior to moving to Western North Carolina. After moving to Asheville he tapped into his love of nature, wild life and art to begin a new adventure in painting animals.  He works primarily in pastels and has a body of 600+ paintings to illustrate his expertise in pet portraits.  Visit his website to see more of his work and take a minute to read the testimonials, he has made an impact with his work!